About Best Cremation in California

Preplanning with Best Cremation CareBest Cremation Care is a direct cremation provider, meaning we provide the actual cremation process so families can coordinate their own personalized memorial or end-of-life celebration. We welcome you to learn more about Best Cremation Care by calling us at anytime to speak with one of our team members.

Our team consists for licensed funeral directors that manage each location and Arrangement Counselors that have been trained and are certified in the state of California. Together they work to make sure every family we care for has the support needed as they go through this very difficult time. Our experienced team has been trained internally in addition to their previous experience attending mortuary school or working within the industry.

We are a licensed cremation service provider in the State of California. This means Best Cremation is regularly inspected by the State. In addition, we are held accountable for adhering to local, state, and federal funeral-related legislation including the Federal Funeral Rule.

To provide affordable cremations, Best Cremation Care uses a different business model than traditional funeral homes. We do not invest in expensive, ornate buildings. Instead, we work with families online and over the phone. The quality is not compromised, only the fancy decor. We use the same quality-focused crematories as traditional funeral homes and we ensure the same level of attention goes into completing all paperwork and permits.

Our team of professionals are dedicated to helping families we have the privilege to serve. Best Cremation is available 24×7 to assist you in making arrangements for yourself or your loved one.