Direct cremation affordability

Cremation urnBest Cremation Care specializes in direct cremation affordability in California. That means although there may be some secondary services we offer (such as simple viewings), our business is serving families that want to fore-go traditional funeral home services and choose direct cremation instead.

By definition, direct cremation is more affordable because you are only paying for the cremation and services required to perform the actual cremation.

What is Direct Cremation?

Direct cremation is typically the simplest form of cremation. Instead of the deceased going to a traditional funeral home to be prepared for a viewing or service, it is commonly taken directly to the crematory. There is no embalming or restorative art (hair and make-up) done. If an identification viewing is done, it is shown in its natural state.

Once the cremation takes place, the remains of the loved one are presented to the family in a very simple, temporary plastic container. Although the family may choose to purchase a decorative urn, it is not required.

Why so affordable?

Since the typical services are not performed, the family is not charged for them. In addition, because there are no formal visitations or memorials held at the funeral establishment, there is simply not a need for elaborate facilities. Of course, the location of the cremation service provider must meet all state requirements; but it does not need to be located on expensive real estate only for the purpose of appearance.

Best Cremation Care is a licensed funeral establishment and could choose to offer the full range of services but we choose to specialize in direct cremation. Not only is it a way to offer a dignified cremation at an affordable price but it allows us to provide families exactly what they need, based on their specific situation.

Personalized memorials

Families can choose to have the type of memorial they want. Some families work with their church or social affiliation to have a more formal memorial. Others take their loved ones remains (also called ashes) and scatter them in a place that helps them connect with memories of their loved one. Others choose one of the many unique options including scattering at sea, live coral reefs and cremation jewelry.