Family Testimonials

Family Testimonials

Respectful and compassionate
The whole experience was treated with such respect! Your team was so compassionate, they gently walked me thru the process. A year later I received a card stating that they had planted a tree in my sisters honor. It shows that you guys really care.
Patricia P., San Bernardino


I saved thousands.
I am 70 and do not leave the small town where I live.  I was able to do everything over the internet except for one fax which I went to Postal Annex and accomplished. The urn was mailed to me and the process went very smoothly. I recommend the services often and remind them they can still have religious services at their church. I saved thousands which were middle man charges.
Shirley R., Riverside


Our special request was not questioned
Everything was taken care of as planned! In this time of are great loss! Our special request was not questioned and everything was finished as promised.
Cliff P., San Bernardino


Extremely helpful and trustworthy
Best Cremation was extremely helpful. I felt from the beginning that they were more interested in a good outcome for me than they were about benefiting themselves. Sometimes when people are in a time of grief they do not even know what questions to ask and it is comforting to have someone who gently gives answers the questions you didn’t even know you needed answered. This is a difficult balance for a business but Dave showed himself to be very trustworthy in this regard.
Pastor Sam L., Orange


Down to earth responses to questions
Your attitude and approach was a breath of fresh air. Your representative put me at ease right away with his down to earth responses to my questions, not like some pushy mortician in a long black coat with a monotone voice. I jest. But seriously, we were just two guys talking and dealing with a part of life that all go through sooner or later. The cost for your services was incredibly reasonable and I was happy to pay it. I hope God continues to bless you and your business greatly!
Bruce M., Los Angeles


Compassionate and kind
The woman I spoke with was very compassionate and kind. Everything was handled in a timely manner. I was very pleased with service.
Michele S., Los Angeles


Making a difficult time easier
“We called in advance for our loved one because her death was expected… They made a difficult time as easy as humanly possible. We did most everything by email or fax and highly recommend them to anyone who  specifies cremation. David was extremely helpful  and guided us through all the hoops.”
– Ron C., Chugiak, AK


Wonderful, caring and compassionate
“I lost my brother in January and was contacted by relatives in California about their services.  David and Tiffany were wonderful, caring and compassionate.  I never had any trouble contacting them and I appreciated how they kept in touch with the family and showed compassion at a very difficult time. I certainly would recommend their services.”– Scott T., Tampa Bay, FL


Excellent service, highly regulated
“My sister recently passed away and not living in the area I needed to make arrangements on the internet. Boy, did I get lucky! No question went unanswered and as I called to make the arrangements David could not have been more helpful. As a follow up, Tiffany helped with the paperwork and any ‘other” questions I had.”
C.S., San Diego, CA


Excellent service, highly regulated
I highly recommend these people. I lost my brother in law tragically and unexpectedly, and they were kind, efficient, timely, responsive, cost-effective, and followed through with exactly everything they said they would do. In a very difficult time, they provided us with excellent service, in a kind and caring, compassionate way. For the record, they were approximately one-third the cost of a local family run facility. Cremation is highly regulated by the state, so you get the same treatment of your loved one either way. Thank you from our entire family.
– S.L., Chino Hills, CA


I didn’t worry about what I was getting
During this difficult time I didn’t worry about what I was getting. You took care of picking up my loved one from a local mortuary and saved me a ton of money. I did shop around a bit and you gave me the best options for my nonexistent budget. Thank you.
Debbie C., San Bernardino


Convenient and affordable
Very helpful, understanding and professional. Best Cremation Care was convenient and affordable. I also appreciated that they made me show ID to verify I was the only one allowed to receive my brother’s remains.
Vivian A., San Bernardino


It was simple
It was simple, and that mattered at a time when everything was so complicated and stressful
Cheryl C., Orange


I greatly appreciated the kindness
I greatly appreciated the kindness and easiness of the process, especially during a time that is sad and confusing.
Regina W., Orange


They took all of the stress away.
My experience was amazing. They took all of the stress away. I called them  a week before when my mom went into hospice and then when she passed they were right there and took care of her they took care of everything. I didn’t have to worry or stress over anything. Their prices were phenomenal and all of the staff there were great. Once her remains were ready to pick up I went over and they were so sweet and kind and caring and compassionate. I would highly recommend them for anyone.
Sandra D., San Bernardino


They are very attentive
They provided me a high level of customer service and compassion in my time of great sadness. They are very attentive to your specific needs and offered fair pricing.
Josh M., San Bernardino


Thanks for caring
You were very helpful in all questions asked. Thanks for caring in a time when we don’t know what to do.
Carie, K., Riverside


Excellent with pre-planning
Excellent with pre-planning and time of need.  Staff explained services and answered questions thoroughly and with sensitivity.
Lynne B., Riverside


You were so helpful
You guys did a amazing job. You were so helpful through the whole process. I would not have been able to take care of my mom without you guys.
Lori W., Orange


Considerate, respectful and responsive
From the beginning, everyone was kind, considerate, respectful and responsive.  We were experiencing an obviously difficult and sad, but also unusually complicated, situation.  Best Cremation Care employees and the well-organized process itself provided a much needed measure of calm and order, and we will always be grateful for that.
Patricia M., San Bernardino


You made this process easier
At such a terrible moment in time, you guys made this whole process much easier and bearable than it could have been.
George G., Riverside