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Giving thanks for hospice

November 27th, 2017

New blog post from Best Cremation Care celebrating National Hospice Month.

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Outer burial containers: Are they really needed?

August 22nd, 2017

As I talk with people about burial options, I find many don’t know about outer burial containers, also known as vaults or grave liners. If you or a loved one want their remains placed underground, the chances are very good you will have to have an outer burial container. And yes, even if you are …

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Columbarium or mausoleum: Above ground resting places

August 8th, 2017

Both cremation and traditional burial can lead to multiple branches and limbs on a tree full of choices including a columbarium or mausoleum.

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Green Cremations and Green Burials

June 12th, 2017

Environmentally conscious Californians considering green burials, I have some good news for you. Even though cremations, when done correctly and responsibly, are already considered kinder to our planet than conventional burials, there are ways to make cremations or green burials even greener and environmentally friendly. As I have pointed out here before, cremation rates have …

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Tissue donation facts you should know

May 12th, 2017

Last month was National Donate Life Month (NDLM). As I watched the media coverage, I was reminded of a phrase that made a lasting impression on me: “anatomical gifts.” That’s a great way of describing tissue donation because that’s what it truly is. Voluntarily donating your body for research improves the lives of other people. …

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