Certified Death Certificates

How many certified death certificates do I need?

Death Certificate for CremationAre you confused trying to figure out how many death certificates you will need? Best Cremation Care is commonly asked for advice on how to determine the right amount. In order to help, we have put together a brief list of One of the most common uses for copies of death certificates so families know how many death certificates they need to order.

Some companies or institutions will not require a certified copy but will accept a photocopy. With today’s technology, other institutions may want to see a certified copy but will then scan or photocopy the document while you wait and return it to you.

Important: Ultimately, it is up to the company or institution to determine whether a copy of a death certificate will be accepted or if they require a certified certificate. Although not common, you may need to provide multiple death certificates if there are different accounts. We recommend you check with the organization for their specific policy. Unfortunately, the only way to know for sure is to contact the organization directly.

  • Immediate family members for their personal records
  • Genealogy documentation
  • Probate purposes
  • Income Tax filings (IRS)
  • Life insurance policies
  • Property transactions (real estate transactions)
  • Titled asset transfers
  • Stock/bond/brokerage accounts
  • Oil/gas/mineral rights leases
  • Bank or financial accounts (including savings, checking, CDs, IRAs)
  • Purchases with credit life attached
  • Credit card companies
  • Social Security benefits for dependents
  • Employer claims / pension-retirement benefit