Grief Counseling

Grief can be overwhelming and family support is critical. Best Cremation Care is here to help. Best Cremation Care provides caregivers and loved ones with grief counseling anytime, day or night.

When you are preparing or experience the loss of a loved one, it’s often helpful to talk with a professionally trained counselor.  There are many stages to grief and Best Cremation Care wants to ensure you have counseling support available.

24/7 Phone Support

We provide help wherever you are. It’s just a phone call away. Dealing with loss is important and understanding the grief process can be helpful.

Your call can even be anonymous if you’d like. You simply call a toll-free number and you will immediately be put in touch with a counselor.

Professional Counselors

All counselors are professionally trained, hold degrees, and are licensed to help you. In addition, they are specially trained in providing remote assistance by phone.

Included with Cremation Services

Once you make pre-arrangements with Best Cremation Care, you have immediate access to our counseling services. Even prior to a loss, you can benefit from the helpful counselors and discussing the feelings you are having or coming up with coping techniques.

Supplement to Hospice Bereavement Support

Hospices provide a tremendous amount of support to their patients and families. This support continues after a loved one passes. Best Cremation Care encourages you take full advantage of these services. Our grief support services can supplement what your hospice provides and provide comfort knowing you can talk with someone immediately – even in the middle of the night – when you need it most.