Fellowship of Hospice Chaplains

Hospice chaplains provide a wonderful gift to those at the end of their life.


Hospice Chaplains are called to
serve those at the end of their life.
Their experiences should be shared and celebrated

Best Cremation Care proudly supports the
Professional Fellowship of Hospice Chaplains

Based in Southern California, The Professional Fellowship of Hospice Chaplains gathers monthly to network and support other hospice chaplains. The lunchtime meeting provides encouragement and fellowship. Guest speakers spend a few minutes sharing their experiences and provide insight to what they are seeing as they serve within the Greater Los Angeles area.

Why is Best Cremation Care a sponsor?

We are in a unique position of serve families once they leave the comfort of hospice. Best Cremation funeral directors see first-hand the difference in loved ones that had the privilege of hospice care and those that did not. We value the gifts that all hospice workers give and especially the social workers and chaplains that the difficult discussions about end-of-life arrangements.

Interested in learning more and getting involved? Contact us. We’ll be glad to connect you with the appropriate person within the organization.