Pre-Plan and Pre-Fund Memorials

Every life should be celebrated. To ensure you’re able to have the type of celebration, it is wise to pre-plan and pre-fund your memorial to make sure the money is readily available to pay for it. The best place to start is by talking with a Best Cremation Care funeral director. They will be able to discuss the type of service you would like and what you can expect to pay based on today’s market.

Once you have an idea of the service you want, you have the information you need to pre-fund the anticipated expenses.

Why Pre-Plan and Pre-Fund?

Reducing the burden on loved ones is a key emotional reason to pre-plan your funeral or memorial. People who have been through the memorial planning process before know how difficult it can be to make decisions so quickly and try to “guess” what their loved one would have wanted. This reason alone leads many to pre-plan and take the guesswork out of the equation.

There is no cost to pre-plan and have your wishes already put in writing. And, it simplifies the process at the time of your passing because all the key vital statistics can be provided in advance so a loved one is not trying to find key information in a short amount of time.

Financial Benefits?

The ability to set aside funds is a big benefit. Removing the financial burden from children or loved ones can be extremely comforting. Pre-paying some portion of funeral or memorial costs is considered an exempt asset which can be helpful for those anticipating qualifying for Medicaid at some point. Should the funds in the trust be more than the actual expenses, the remainder of the funds will be returned to the beneficiary you select.

Advantages of Pre-Funding

  • Survivors are not burdened with paying for funeral or memorial expenses.
  • Helping families know exactly how you wished to have your life celebrated.
  • Medicaid qualification benefit.
  • Should you move or needs change, you can transfer it to another licensed funeral home without losing any of your investment.

How to Get Started

Call today and talk with a Best Cremation Care funeral director. They will guide you through the simple process of pre-arranging your funeral or memorial. You can always update your funeral plans in the future but this will provide an estimate of how much you need to put into the account to cover the key expenses based on today’s market. The funeral director will also assist you in completing the paperwork to set up the policy.

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