Preplan and Fund Your Cremation

Preplan your cremation and memorial serviceBest Cremation Care is ready to assist you to preplan your cremation and memorial. Our  final expense policies cover end-of-life expenses including cremation, urn, facility rental for memorials and other related costs.

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Why Preplan?

Some people procrastinate when it comes to making end-of-life plans, or they totally avoid it all together. But others find it very satisfying to know they have made important decisions, making it easier on their loved ones.

Preplanning offers emotional and financial security. It ensures your final wishes will be followed and provides peace of mind during the stressful time following a death. Pre-planning provides the time needed to make practical, detailed decisions that reflect your standards, lifestyle, taste and budget.


  • Final expenses for your cremation and services are funded, sparing your loved ones the financial worry
  • Provides various payment plans to fit your budget
  • Planning your service ahead of time will assure your family knows your wishes
  • Medicaid Title 19 approved and accepted at most skilled nursing facilities

Get Started Preplanning

Call today to set up time for a representative from Best Cremation Care to begin the process. During the meeting, we will answer your questions and can complete the necessary paperwork at that time.