Scattering Ashes

There are numerous options available to you when deciding where the remains entrusted to you from the crematorium are scattered whether in a favorite location or at sea. For veterans, there is also the option for Naval scatterings at sea.

Frequently families conduct an ash (also called cremains) scattering ceremony themselves. Best Cremation Care provides assistance making arrangements when families need help with logistics or timing. Let us know your loved one’s special request and we can help your family fulfill that final desire.

Ash scatterings arranged by Best Cremation Care include:

  • Scattering of ashes
  • Certificate of completion
  • Recording of exact location
  • Transporting of ashes

Scattering at Sea

Whether it is a love for the ocean or the allure of traveling around the world with the waves, more and more people are choosing to have their remains scattered at sea.

Best Cremation Care can assist in arranging the right ocean-based memorial for your loved one.

Attended ceremonies:

  • Loved ones are present on the boat or view the scattering on land from a dock or look-out point

Unattended scatterings:

  • A ship’s captain scatters the ashes (also called cremains) and provides documentation for your remembrance
  • Ashes are scattered by aircraft

The United States Navy provides final disposition of remains on Navy vessels during deployments at sea. Additional information on eligibility and the request process can be found on Navy Personnel Command site under the Burial at Sea Program.

To talk with a Cremation Adviser about scatterings services and options, call 877-353-3626.