Submitting Obituaries for Publication

Best Cremation Care asks families to submit obituaries directly to publications. This is the most affordable option. If you have chosen to use Best Cremation Care for your cremation services, an online obituary is included with our basic direct cremation package.

Guidelines for submitting obituaries:

  • Deadlines – Each publication sets their own deadlines for when information must be turned in and approved for publication. Many publications have online tools so you can enter, proofread and approve the obituary online as well as pay for the entry.
  • Costs – Obituaries and death notices (which contain minimal information) are a form of classified ad in most publications. Most charged based on the length of information you want included. Payment is typically required in advance by credit card.
  • Verification – In some cases, the publication will want to contact Best Cremation Care to verify the basic facts of the death. We will provide this information at no charge at the publication’s request.