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Best Cremation Care LogoWelcome to our Best Cremation blog. Best Cremation Care is a direct cremation company serving Los Angeles, San Diego and the San Francisco Bay area. A licensed funeral establishment since 2013, Best Cremation Care was originally founded under the name aCremation which began in 2010.

The inspiration for the company came from a traditional funeral home owner’s observation that there were many families that could not be well-served through the traditional funeral home model. Many families either did not need all the additional services that a traditional funeral home offers – or they simply could not afford it. He needed to be able to provide a dignified cremation to families that cost less than $1,000.

Direct cremation is the best option for many families because of the cost advantage and flexibility it offers. Having a direct cremation does not mean you don’t have a memorial – it typically is described as situations when the cremation service provider or funeral home provides only the cremation with limited or no additional services. Most of the time, there is still a memorial or scattering but you do not pay the funeral home to coordinate it.

Many families choose to have a family-led service or work with their church to provide a memorial. Others travel with the remains to their family cemetery or a special place that connects them with their loved. Commonly this is a beach, mountain, state park, fishing spot, bike trail, vacation destination or birthplace.

The flexibility cremation provides is being able to hold the memorial or life celebration virtually anywhere and at any time the family chooses – without the cost of last minute airfare, travel costs, or school and work schedules. Instead, the service can be done at a time and place where everyone who wants to participate can gather and memorialize their special loved one.

About Mary Beth Barnett

Mary Beth Barnett is a certified Arrangement Counselor in California and a Texas-licensed Funeral Director. She has a passion for working with families and the healthcare community representing Best Cremation as its head of marketing. Mary Beth's passion is educating families and caregivers about the dignity and flexibility cremation provides.

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