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Whole Body Donation Eliminates Cost of Cremation

There are many types of body donation. It can be an excellent choice for those wanting to leave a medical legacy and help with research. For some, another big advantage is, depending on what type of donation you choose, it can result in a free cremation for the family.

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One of the options is whole body donation. This can be done even after organs have been donated. Best Cremation works with Science Care, that is accredited by the AATB and has a fully audited quality assurance program for its organization and also for its clients and vendors. One of the largest benefits to Best Cremation families is the cremated remains of your loved one are returned to the family for memorialization or scattering.

View Best Cremation’s Certificate of Appreciation for our work with Science Care families.

Here is a high level overview of what to expect if you or a loved one had their body donated, resulting in a free cremation.

  •  It starts with a short medical screening by phone at the time of passing to determine if there is a match with current research criteria.
  • If under hospice care or terminally ill, this medical screening can be done ahead of time through Science Care’s HOPE Program: A Guarantee for Hospice Patients. Upon acceptance, Science Care will then coordinate donor transportation to a Science Care facility.
  • At the time of death you will contact Best Cremation Care as well as Science Care. The donation organization determines if your loved one is a qualified donor under their specific program requirements. If your loved one meets the donation criteria, Science Care pays the basic cremation service as well as transporting your loved one to the donation facility. The only costs not covered are Medical Examiner/Coroner and permit fees (if applicable) and additional death certificates.
  • Once the donation process is complete, the cremated remains are returned to the family for memorialization, typically within weeks.

Benefits of donation

Making the decision to donate your body means leaving a legacy of helping people who are still living or furthering medical science and eliminates cremation expenses for the family. Coordinating through Best Cremation Care will ensure your donation process is handled with dignity and your family has a licensed funeral establishment ensuring the transition to donation is handled professionally and with dignity.

Best Cremation services families in California (the greater Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego areas). View a list of locations we serve.

Common types of donations

1. Donate your organs

2. Donate your tissue

3. Will your body to a college or university

4. Help doctors practice their skills

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