California Death Certificate FAQs

BestDeath certificate FAQs can help families that need to order additional copies. Cremation Care’s team of funeral directors and arrangement counselors are available to answer questions you have about our service or the the cremation process. Below are California Death Certificate FAQs to assist you in your research.


How many copies of the death certificate will I need?

Best Cremation has a list of things to consider when order official copies of a death certificate. You can get more copies later, as needed. Read more in our blog.


How can I order more death certificates?

There are multiple ways to order original copies of death certificates in California and the way to order them varies by county. You can go to the county clerk in the county where the death occurred, order by standard mail or online. Best Cremation Care has put together a list of counties in Northern California and Southern California with links to the counties’ website on how to order the death certificates. View the page or how to order California death certificates.