How Hot is the Cremation Oven?

Best Cremation: The cremation oven (retort) gets extremely hot. When a death is imminent or has happened very recently, there are some details most families try to avoid discussing. Simply put, there are facts about deaths, cremations and burials that can be hard for loved ones to hear. But in a forum such as this, where people go for information about what really happens, it’s easier to be more straight-forward.

One of the most basic questions is how hot the cremation chamber (or cremation oven) gets. A direct question deserves a direct answer. The optimum temperature range is 1,400 to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s according to the National Funeral Directors Association.

The casket or other approved container holding the body is placed in the chamber and the temperature is raised to the proper range. After approximately two to three hours, most of the body is consumed by heat or evaporation.

What’s left are bone fragments and any non-combustible items such as jewelry, prostheses and hardware from the container (such as hinges) that weren’t removed prior to the cremation. After a cooling period, the non-organic materials are removed from the bone fragments. The human remains are put through a processor, which creates a powder-like texture. The fine particles and are placed in a temporary container provided by the crematory or placed in an urn purchased by the family.

If you have any other direct questions about cremation, please contact us and one of our funeral directors can assist you. While we will consistently be compassionate and diplomatic, you can always expect honest answers from myself and our other dedicated professionals.

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