Know Your Loved One is Secure in Our Care

Knowing your loved one is secure is important when considering cremation. It’s never easy. Even when the death of a loved one is expected, there is heartache. As family and friends enter the grieving process, the next of kin also have to find a way to make final arrangements. The last thing they should worry about is security and whether their loved one will be treated properly during a cremation.

At Best Cremation Care, this is a responsibility we take very seriously. We have the utmost respect for the person who has died, but also for the family that has trusted us to do our jobs professionally. For us, that means strict attention to safety and security.

Our licensed, highly-trained funeral directors and staff constantly work to maintain the highest standards of accountability and integrity. Talking with families and answering any question they have allows us an opportunity to demonstrate how much we truly care about their loved one. They see the quality controls are present at every step and our processes for identification, documentation and overall quality are consistent.

We do everything possible to ensure proper identification is maintained throughout the cremation process. Our approach is to combine technology with meticulous record-keeping at every stage of the process. Asking for a physical description is just one of the things we do that is above State of California requirements. The crematory not only has the name of your loved one but physical traits available for extra assurance.

Each loved one we cremate has a unique number that is tracked in all crematory paperwork. The crematory provides a numbered, metal disk that is kept with the body at all times from arrival at the crematory to when the remains are picked up by the family. The number on the disk ties to the cremation log book that is available and audited by the California Cemetery and Funeral Bureau.

In addition, our cremation facilities have controlled access to the storage and cremation area. These measures help relieve anxiety because families can be confident their loved one receives the best possible care and security with Best Cremation Care.

We recommend that if any family member has questions about our security procedures, talk to your funeral director. They will explain in detail our identification processes, authorizations and other required documents.

Best Cremation Care provides affordable cremation services throughout the Bay Area (San Francisco, Oakland / Alameda, and San Jose / Santa Clara) and Southern California (Los Angeles, Long Beach, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and San Diego County). We are a licensed funeral establishment and have an A+rating from the Better Business Bureau.

About Jane Bennett

Jane LaGrega is a licensed funeral director and embalmer with over 20 years of experience. A Long Island, New York native, she attended mortuary school in Miami, Florida and also holds a Bachelor's in Business Administration. She also proudly served our country and is a US Navy veteran. Jane is passionate about her profession and enjoys helping families through the difficult process of making final arrangements for their loved one.

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